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Syd McGee

Thanks for coming to my business page talking about asphalt sealcoating.


I’ve been in the asphalt sealcoating business for a long time now and I have always had an eye for parking lots and their look.


If I see a parking lot with any potholes, faded lines or damages, they stick out like a sore thumb and I notice them immediately. Parking lots are one of the first things people experience about a business. If I drive onto a commercial lot and I hit a pothole, that is my first experience with that store.


It sets the tone for how I feel going into the store. If I’ve already had a negative experience with the business, it may be harder to convince me to buy from you. I want to see that you care about customers and it all starts in the parking lot.


All seriousness aside, I am a happy go-lucky guy who wants to create a positive working experience with my customers. All of my workers are paid well because they are expected to perform to the standards I set.


We do not cut corners and we make sure that everything is done right so the customer is happy.